"It's important to understand that we will live with a fair amount of pain for most of our lives. If your first priority is to live a painless life, you will not be able to help yourself or other women. What matters is to be a warrior. Having a sense of honor about political struggle is healing." - Andrea Dworkin

April 1999
Vol. 1 - #2

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Presidential Rape: The Making of a Non-Scandal

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Go Mary!

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Go, Mary!

Feminist elemental philosopher Mary Daly, in an exhilarating demonstration of common sense, has refused to buckle to the snools of Boston College who demand that she take into her class a hostile and rabidly anti-feminist male student.

Daly, author of seven books including Pure Lust and Wickedary, has taught feminist theology at Boston College for 30 years, first to all-men's classes until the college began admitting women, and then to mixed-gender classes. While leaping toward ever more radical feminism during the '70s, she came to realize that men's presence in her classrooms kept the women students from fully and freely exploring radical feminism.

Since the '70s, Daly has maintained an all-female classroom, teaching her men students separately--in effect, doing double time for no extra pay. "I enjoy teaching young men," Daly wrote in her book Outercourse. But women need a space uncolonized. "I want there to be women's space, where there can be explosions of thought," she explained in a recent interview.

This explosion of thought and the spinning of new philosophical galaxies are precisely what the Center for Individual Rights, a virulently anti-feminist law firm, wants to end. The law firm targeted Daly as part of its organized crusade against feminism. It has provided legal backing to the complaints of Duane Naquin, a male student who wants to be INSIDE the classroom of women. The law firm, whose previous lawsuit ended affirmative action programs at the University of Texas, threatened Boston College with legal action if Daly wouldn't let Naquin INSIDE of women's space. Boston College, which has long tried to sabotage Daly and even attempted to fire her (unsuccessfully), offered Daly, now 70, a retirement package. Daly rejected the offer and chose instead to take a leave of absence.

Daly has pointed out that what we need in this society is "creative justice." Justice does not come about through a simple transaction, she explains. Women have a right to restitution.

And the bores and snools and bullies of the world know how true this is.


Write letters of support for Mary Daly to Donald Dietrick, Chair of Theology Department., and David Burgess, Academic Vice President, Bourneus House, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Daly's recent quotation is from a surprisingly good article in the usually snoolish Salon Magazine,

Also check out the article in Feminista! at


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