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To the Editor of Said It,

Last night at Zoka coffeehouse, in Wallingford, to pass the time I picked up the June 2000 issue of Said It. The front page article on women carrying bags caught my eye, so I read it. Impressed by the excellent quality of the writing, I then read the issue cover to cover--and found that same excellence of writing, along with realistic insights and careful research, in every article in the issue.

I'm impressed. I intend to read every issue. I can't afford at this time to subscribe. I'm hoping you will continue to leave copies of Said It at Zoka (my home away from home).

It is publications like Said It that make this old dyke poet proud to be a feminist.

Kit the Poet


You GO!! Adriene, your writings are excellent and on point! The web site is gorgeous and well layed-out. But most of all, your values are absolutely right! Said it is what we need, as women, as a nation, as a global community. Right On!!!

Diana Salles

Moms & Guns

Dear Said It,

Your article on the Million Mom March was marvelous. Actually, it's the best feminist analysis of the gun control issue I've ever read. Frankly, some of the stuff I read in Ms. several years ago was embarassing.

Carmela Tiela

In many ways I liked Adriene Sere's "Moms & Guns." Instead of being divided over gun control why not unite over what we have in common--crime control. Isn't that what we're really after? What good does it do if we control guns but it doesn't stop the crime and violence?

Vaughn Griffiths

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