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Husky Men Rewarded with Visit to Playboy Mansion

This is from Seattle Post-Intelligencer 12/22/00 sports section article, "Life's good for ex-Hawkeye, now with UW", by scab reporter Ted Miller:

"UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE DAY: When asked about his team's impending visit to the Playboy Mansion, [Husky football coach Rick] Neuheisel said, 'The kids are excited about it.'"

This is from Seattle Times 12/22/00 sports section article, "It's a magical first day for UW in California," by scab reporter Bud Withers:

"Between a trip to Magic Mountain on Wednesday and an excursion to the Playboy mansion yesterday, the Washington Huskies sneaked in their first Southern California workout for the Rose Bowl.

"'We couldn't be happier,' UW Coach Rick Neuheisel said. 'I thought it was a great first day.'"

This is a call to action from feminist activist Thalia Syracopoulos:

"Coach Neuheisel chose to use women and sex as a way of energizing, firing up, a team of young men so that they would be in top form to fight the violent battle that is played out on the Rose Bowl field. How many of these young men, like many of their peers in other teams, professional and collegiate, will join the ranks of abusers, perpetrators of domestic violence, and be completely mystified if they are caught and punished for that crime because, after all, their coach and their school taught them to disdain and objectify women, just as the enemy is disdained and objectified in war?

"Please send a letter to Athletic Director Barbara Hedges and perhaps to the PI, Seattle Times, and the Union Record asking that Coach Neuheisel be severely disciplined."

Here are the addresses:

Barbara Hedges
Athletic Director
235 Graves Bldg.
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
phone number: (206) 543-2212

You can send the UW athletic department your opinions directly from its website:

Send letters to local newspapers:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Letters editor
P.O. Box 1909
Seattle, WA 98111-1909

Seattle Union Record
2900 Eastlake Ave E., Suite 310
Seattle, WA 98102

You can also send letters to the Seattle Times, though its workers are still striking as of January 1st. Seattle Times letter policy says, "Letters must include your full name (no initials), home address and daytime and evening telephone number(s) for verification."

Seattle Times
Letters editor
P.O. Box 70, Seattle, WA 98111
Fax: (206) 382-6760

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