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From the Editors

Dear readers,

In this issue, you will read some differences in opinion regarding women's health care and, specifically, hormone replacement therapy. We sought to present a diversity of opinion on what is, after all, a hotly contested issue.

In "Hormones in Exile", Diane writes eloquently about her experience with menopause. She believes HRT can be a positive and even essential choice for women dealing with menopause.

Adriene focused on HRT in this issue's One Way to Look at It. In presenting various facts, she reveals her bias against the use of HRT as a sweeping prescription for menopausal and postmenopausal women.

You can guess what Sue's position is on the matter after reading her article "The Defective and Doomed Feminine Body". In short, she sees the health industries as highly political, with an agenda other than the best interests of women.

Feminists are not of one mind, and we want to reflect this. That said, none of us are medical experts. It is up to each woman, perhaps working with whomever she considers a healer, to draw her own conclusions about HRT, and above all, to care for that most precious asset, her health.

Hope you enjoy this issue. Write us!

Adriene and Sue

What About Nader's Sexism?

Dear Said It,

I voted for Ralph Nader in Washington where Al Gore won by a sizable margin. I had planned to vote for Nader regardless, finding the two-party system untenable.

However, feminists who voted for Nader need to deal with the fact that Nader and his organizations, and the Green Party, have never prioritized feminism. The sexism displayed during the Green Party campaign--such as Nader's trivialization of the abortion rights issue, and his lack of focus on women-specific issues--was not far from the hypocritical sexism of the two major parties. True, Nader has a much more radical economic agenda, and that in itself is of importance to women as a group. But is that enough?

As feminists, we need to be thinking ahead on ways to hold the "alternative" third party accountable to us. Does this mean we need to start a fourth party? Or do Green voters threaten the third party with defection to the second party, the Democrats, if they don't do a better job including women and addressing issues of importance to women as a group? Although we will be overwhelmed with fighting the Bush II administration during the next few years, the alternative party shouldn't get off the hook without addressing its sexism which was made so visible during this campaign.

Janice DeSilvia

End the Divisions

Said It,

Thanks for providing a great forum and interesting articles issue after issue. I am writing to encourage us all to put aside our differences in order to effectively oppose the new president George Bush Jr. and the maneuvering of the Republicans. There is no time for playing the blame game. No time for divisions. As we face great risk to our fundamental rights, feminists must unite.

Deborah L. Culler

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