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Dear Michael Eisner

by Kris Pace

What does Howard Stern and Mickey Mouse have in common?
The promotion of raunchy porno films.


My open letter to the president of Disney Studios:

Mr. Michael Eisner, CEO
Walt Disney Studios
500 W. Buena Vista Avenue
Burbank, CA 91521

Dear Mr. Eisner,

I am writing to let you know that I recently learned that Disney owns nearly half of the "E! Entertainment" cable TV channel and is a parent company of the Howard Stern Show. I have decided, as a parent, not to purchase Disney products and films as long as Howard Stern and his sexual harrassment and other women-hating antics are still on the air. I would expect that Disney Studios wouldn't want to have a hand in the oppression of women in America, particularly because we are Disney's consumers.

In case you haven't seen the show recently, the theme is to have ignorant young porn actresses or sexy young TV actresses interviewed on the show. Howard usually starts with a little small talk, then BAM...he starts with the sexual harrassment-something like, "You have a really hot body," "Are those real," "Are you going to show me your tits," "Bend over, show me your ass," "Have you ever got it on with another girl?" Recently, on October 6, Howard Stern had a young porn actress by the name of "Candy Apple" on his show. She (and also he) was promoting her new porno flick "The World's Biggest Gang Bang" in which she was going to have sex with 700 men in one day. While on the show, she invited whoever wanted to come have (unsafe) sex with her.

The event took place Oct. 9th in a old abandoned Hall, at 1828 Oak Street, downtown Los Angeles and it was disgusting and horrifying. As many as 742 men had sex with her. There was an announcer with a microphone like it was a sporting event. There was even a concession stand. Howard had a representative there shouting and holding a huge sign that said "Howard Stern is King" while standing near the girl on the mattress on the floor.

The Howard Stern show is the forerunner to a trend of men's shows cropping up on television and radio which spend all of their time sexually harrassing and demeaning women. After the success of the Howard Stern show, there seem to be women-haters popping up all over the media. Check out "The X Show" on Tuesday night at 11:00 on the FX Channel, and other shows on USA and the FX Network.

It concerns us that girls and young women watch this crap, which slowly wears away at their self-respect. What's probably worse is all the young men watching, thinking they are "real men" for sexually harrassing women and committing violent crimes and rape against women.

I am surprised that Disney would want their name associated with Howard Stern and his disgusting women-hating antics. I hope you reconsider condoning him and profitting from this show.

Thank you for your time.

Kris Pace

cc: Ralph Roberts, Chairman of the Board
Comcast International (The other parent company of the Howard Stern Show)
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 665-1700

For information on media ownership of E! Entertainment, look at website of Columbia Journalism Review at

To see the porno film that Howard Stern sponsors, go to You do not need to sign up or pay to see the home page.

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