A Mom's Call to Organize for Moms

Re the article on "Who's Looking out for Moms": I have run across the same dead ends. I have been searching for help on and off now for almost three years—you search and think you have found something only to find that it leads you to another dead end. I am just wondering if you found anything yet since this article was published? I definitely need help—and would be willing to help others by forming an organization if I could only get to the right organization or people that would be willing to help me. I don't think women should be treated like second-class citizens by men. I know it's a man's world out there but I think it's time for us women to stick together in all areas. If you have any info you could send me, please email me. I will keep your web address so that I can forward you information that I find that may be useful.


Diana Macys-Staley

As far as I know, the organized help for moms is abysmal. A good place to search for possibilities is the Welfare Warriors website, which includes links to sites on mothers and feminism at http://www.execpc.com/~wmvoice/links.htm and is a good resource in and of itself. If anyone else can help, contact Diana. Said It will gather any helpful information sent our way. Adriene

Some Men Appreciate Us

I just want to drop a short note of congratulations on your awesome web site. The content is first rate, and the web site design is beautiful, well planned, and easy to use. Thank you for doing this.

Mike Weisman

Protest War Criminals

Hello. Last month the International Court Of Justice (a.k.a. the World Court) convicted three Bosnian Serb war criminals for raping women and girls and forcing them into sex slavery. These war criminals were sentenced to prison from 12 to 28 years. The exact same types of war crimes are being committed against unarmed civilians in the Sudan. The National Islamic Front government of Sudan is also committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against the civilian population. Famine is being used as a weapon of genocide. The NIF is also bombing civilian hospitals, churches, mosques, schools, market places, and relief centers and these bombings are war crimes. Please ask the readers of your magazine to lobby the World Court to indict and prosecute the war criminals in the NIF who are committing these horrible crimes against humanity. The e-mail address of the World Court is information@icj-cij.org.

Elaine Edenfield

Needed: Feminist Zines

I am an Anarchist/punk who is currently incarcerated in CT. I heard about your feminist zine Said It. I would like info on how I can receive it or subscribe to it. Do you have anything else that you distribute? It would be greatly appreciated if you would get back to me.

William Martinez # 258940
1153 East St. South
Suffield, CT 06080

Free for Women But Not for Men?

Hi, I recently [last August] picked up a copy of "Said It" for the first time and, though I was interested in a few of the articles and am generally enthusiastic about feminist publications, I am wondering about the note on the front page which reads: "Men are welcome to read Said It, but this grassroots publication is free only to women and girls. Men must subscribe, or else should send $2 for each issue to: Said It, etc.…"

I can think of reasons why you might target "Said It" for women and girls, but I'd like to hear why you add this note for the men who might pick up the paper.


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