"Don't be motivated by self-hatred. Always be motivated by love. Be compassionate because compassion and love is what we have that General Electric doesn't, Weyerhaeuser doesn't. That is our strength." Winona La Duke

March 1999
Vol. 1 #1

Said It: Feminist News, Culture & Politics   in this issue:

Welcome to Said It

My Passion for Women

Halting the Breeze

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by Adriene Sere

WELCOME to Said It, a new feminist, free speech venue for news sharing and analysis, essays, bitch-talk, and calls to action.

Although this first issue is tiny, the ambitions of the editor (me, Adriene) are huge: I want a consistent, truthful, uncompromising, with-it, action-oriented, fiercely life-honoring publication that woman-identified women and girl-identified girls can claim as our own.

Said It is going to come out once a month—no matter what. It will get bigger, maybe a little bigger, maybe a lot, but either way, Said It will stay true to feminism, the core kind, the kind where everyone counts, and no one is erased.

Said It's feminism is a wholistic, common sense and, when need be, confrontational feminism. It moves beyond the fractionalized, superficial, "when-it's easy-and-convenient-and doesn't-scare-men" liberal feminism. It has had it with "ain't it a shame" couch potato feminism. And it unapologetically rejects the virulent anti-feminism of the 90's, which has packaged itself as feminism and has done much to pacify women—encouraging victim-blaming, promoting perverse notions of "personal responsibility" at the expense of community responsibility, and attempting to reroute female rage into "sex-positive" s/m patriarchal conformity.

Said It's feminism is about putting the truth first, and one's body and passions and organizing skills behind the truth. Said It adheres to a feminism that is grassroots, global, and has grown beyond "radical." It is a feminism that is generated by community, but is not intimidated by community or the need for community. It has room for everyone who is up for it, and is up for a good argument with those who aren't.

Said It is about politics, but it makes space for imagination, prayer, goddess-worship, gossip, and good recipes. All kinds of writing contributions are welcome. The bottom-line measurement is empowerment—empowerment for women, for girls, for the Earth, for the whole world.

Contributions of a monetary nature are appreciated. The more contributions to Said It, the bigger it will become, and the more widely distributed it will be. Subscriptions and advertising are, of course, welcome. And so is volunteer labor. Volunteer to help with distribution, design, promotion, or the millions of other tasks that need to get done. Or you might just want to sit back and read Said It and send in a letter now and then, saying what's on your mind.

Said It is here as a unique forum for feminists. Make it your own.


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