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Stop Rape Games for Boys

Simon and Schuster Interactive is scheduling a release this month of a CD-ROM called "Panty Raider." To win the game, the player (a boy) must strip supermodels down to their underwear, then provide photographs of them to aliens who "wore out" their lingerie catalog. If the player fails, the aliens' "hormone driven anger" will destroy the earth.

Simon and Schuster Interactive, a division of Viacom, produces dozens of CD-ROM games in the entertainment and education categories. Write or call the company at Simon and Schuster Interactive, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10020, or (212) 632-3544. Or go to the company's website at Tell them not to release "Panty Raiders." And while you're at it, threaten them with consequences that you plan to carry through with if they go ahead with the release.

(source: Dads and Daughters,; 1-888-824-3237)

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