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Dr. Laura's Hypocrisy

Said It:

Another great issue! Just read all three lead articles.

I've been listening to Dr. Laura and I think she tells lies about women and feminism every single day during her broadcast. You know all about her and her hypocrisy, right? She doesn't speak to her mother or sister, only spoke with her dad just before he died. There was the whole naked picture fiasco. And the guy she's married to now, Lew Bishop, was still married when the started dating--and they lived together, shacking up for 8 years! Her own self-hate and enormous insecurity are there to behold for anyone who is paying attention. It's always the weakest, most insecure, that seem to get the media power.Why is that?

I was appalled to read about the U.N. and its Labor Organization. I cannot believe that outrageous claim: that “sex work” should be included in a country's GNP. I naturally assumed when they did their big report on trafficking, in 1998 I believe, that after finding the devastation of it and the enormity of the problem, that they would naturally be against it. Silly me, I was thinking logically again.

Trying to keep sane in an insane, woman-hating world --
Kim McCarten

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