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The Feminist Majority has launched a campaign to send one million opinions via their website to Senate leadership telling them to block any and every anti-choice Supreme Court nomination that President George W. Bush makes. Legal abortion in this country hangs by a razor-thin 5-4 margin. At least one of the nine Supreme Court justices, Chief William Reinquist, is expected to announce his resignation, and Bush will nominate a replacement. Bush has so far had great success with his reactionary agenda. We need to let our Senators know that they must effectively block Bush's attempts to dismantle Roe v. Wade. Urge the Senate to block or filibuster any anti-abortion or ambiguous Supreme Court nominees.

Tell them we won't go back at

Washington State

A bill that would provide unemployment insurance benefits for victims of domestic violence and stalking was passed by the state Senate, but did not pass the House before the session ended. The bill was automatically sent back to the Senate. Now that we are into an expensive special session, there is still a chance to get this bill passed. Call the toll free legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000, and leave a message for your senator and two representatives, as well as Governor Locke. (If you don't know your district, just tell them where you live, and they'll figure it out.) Urge them to support SB 5189 and HB 1248.

While you're calling, also tell them to oppose the House budget proposal, which makes drastic cuts in necessary social services for the poor (most of whom are women), such as Basic Health Care. The Senate budget proposal also stinks, but it is not nearly as bad. So tell them to support the Senate budget proposal, and to GET THEIR FRICKIN' HANDS OUT OF THE POCKETS OF THE POOR!! Well, save that last part for after you hang up, since (we hear) it's more effective to be polite.

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