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Matriarchal men

It was great to find Said it. It is very relevant and well laid out.

We are announcing the formation of a matriarchal men's group as of September 1, 2000. We are at a very early stage. Our website won't be up for at least another month and we are still getting endorsements from women leaders and academics (a rather important thing when you set out to create a matriarchal men's organization). We will have offices in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I am married in the matriarchal matrilineal tradition to the woman whose name I carry. We have two children. I have been matriarchal all my life. We are seeking intelligent and honest men to help create this historical movement, which is the first of its kind and needed right now.

Men from all walks of life in different communities and professions have contacted us. We will have no dogma or specific philosophy other than the stated belief in the ascendancy of women. We are not egalitarian and that is why some groups have censored our announcements. We are not seeking converts. There are plenty of matriarchal men. In just two weeks, we received 140 inquiries, with 30 people interested. The men who are interested can contact To contact me, please e-mail me at, or call 1-917-337-3704 (cell #). Thank you.

gregory salgado-Heim

Another Great Guy

Said It,

I don't wish to subscribe--I can read Said It! online, and we may as well spare the paper. I just want to give for what I'm getting. Thank you.


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