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Congress to Give Money to Fathers Rights Groups

A fathers rights bill that would grant $150 million of taxpayers money to misogynist right wing organizations that promote marriage has quickly moved through the US House Ways and Means Committee, and will soon go to the House floor. The Fathers Count Act was written to sound benign. For instance, it calls for promotion of information on good parenting and on enhancing relationships. But other provisions would allow a state to cancel child support obligations, and could hinder child support collection.

The bill would also channel funds to fathers, in particular, to help them and their families avoid or leave welfare--just when mothers, the primary caretakers of children, are being cut from funds. The bill was purposefully written so that specific national fathers rights groups will be the only ones to qualify for the funds. Call (202) 224-3121 today and tell your representative to oppose this bill. Also call Senators Patty Murray at (206) 553-5545 and Slade Gorton at (425) 451-0103, because the bill may move quickly to the Senate.

The bill has been endorsed by Vice President Al Gore, who perhaps is unaware that these fathers rights groups are virulently misogynist, organize to undermine mothers, vigorously oppose child support obligations, and fight to secure parental rights for known batterers and child molesters. He can be emailed at



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