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A Million-some Women to March Again

The Million Woman March announced plans for its three year reunion in 2000. The original MWM took place October 25, 1997 in Philadelphia. As many as two million women, mostly of African descent, gathered together in solidarity.

The platform of the 2000 reunion march includes: creating mechanisms to aid Black women upon leaving the penal system; the development of health facilities with a major emphasis on alternative medicine; support for Black women professionals, entrepreneurs, and politicians; and creating a place of respect for the elders in Black communities.

The vision behind the reunion march was described by Phil' Kaa Chionesu, the main organizer of both the '97 and 2000 march: "We (Black women) are not only blessed with a unique power, we are now blessed with an even greater ability to use it. We are more in tune to not only what needs to be done, but how. We are more prepared to get the necessary work done. Like the forces of nature, we will move forward gracefully while demonstrating our real and true power unconditionally."

(info from MWM press release 10/25/99)

Original Amazon vs Lesbophobes

Amazon Bookstore, a feminist bookstore in Minneapolis that was founded in 1970 (the oldest feminist bookstore in the country) is suing (founded in 1995) for trademark infringement. The feminist bookstore has lost money for years because of the confusion created by the rich company's use of the name. The owners of the original Amazon had attempted to find a peaceful solution to the problem, but their efforts were rebuffed. is dealing with the lawsuit by using homophobia. This is the dialogue that took place during the deposition:

Q: Have you had any interest in promoting lesbian ideals in the community? Amazon's lawyer: Object to the question as vague. Also it's completely irrelevant.

A: I don't know exactly. Can you be a little clearer?

Q: I'll ask you this, are you gay? ...

Q: Are any of the employees at the Bookstore gay, and forgive me for asking this question. Amazon's lawyer: I'm going to object to the question as irrelevant. Calls for speculation.

A: You're asking me to speculate on my coworkers' sexuality, is that the question? Later, the lawyer presents a document to another co-owner.

Q: You see in the e-mail it states, all the owners at this time of Amazon Bookstore Cooperative and historically have been all lesbians. Do you see that?

A: No. Where is that?

Q: Is that an accurate statement, to your knowledge? I don't mean to ask a personal question, and I apologize for doing so.

Let's face it, Seattle would be a much better city if we had a feminist, lesbian-promoting bookstore like Amazon, and we'd all be better off without the homophobic, employee-abusing, trademark-stealing If you have extra dollars on hand, consider making a contribute to Amazon Bookstore Legal Defense Fund, 1612 Harmon Place, Mpls, MN 55403.


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