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Bravo to Women Changing the World

I want to respond to your analysis "WTO: Confronting a Menace of the Millennium" wherein you challenge the reader to "Imagine…" many things. To paraphrase your words, to:

Imagine a world without democracy.

Imagine a world where public education is owned by highest bidding corporations.

Imagine a world where citizens have no right to curtail brutal regimes.

Imagine a world where workers have lost their power.

Imagine an ecologically devastated world.

Imagine a world where fresh water is scarce, polluted, and controlled by a corporate elite.

You might well have added:

Imagine a world at war against women and children.

Imagine a world where no women can walk without fear of rape.

Imagine a new world order that exploits women at every turn, pharmaceutically, militarily, through big dam construction, agribusiness, GE manipulation of crops and seeds.

But you left us on a positive note!!

Imagine a point in time where all this hasn't quite happened yet. At this crossroads in time IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!!

Bravo to the women who, wherever in their lives--in their families, communities, workplaces, universities, research, writings, teaching, facilitating, mentoring, political activities, organizing, operations, protests, support groups, counseling, networking, internet activities -- are taking action at this crossroads in time !!!

All the best,

Janet M. Eaton

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