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Open Up the Debates

Ralph and Winona have a chance, however slim, of winning the elections if they are allowed into the debates! The 100 million expected viewers of the debates certainly have a right to be exposed to these remarkable candidates' sensible positions, their pro-equality beliefs, and their holistic politics.


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Lend your voice to the overwhelming number of voters who want to open the debates to Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader.

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is hosting the presidential debates this fall. The CPD has set unfair criteria that would exclude Ralph's participation in a forum that up to 100 million Americans watch each presidential election year to make a determination about whether to vote and for whom.

The CPD's private, bipartisan commission (only Democrats and Republicans sit on the CPD Board), now demands that a presidential contender must receive 15% support in a series of 5 polls. If this criteria had been applied in the past, neither Ross Perot nor John Anderson nor Jesse Ventura would have been allowed a forum to raise issues that the American public wants to have discussed.

A reasonable criteria would be that any candidate with support of 5% or more in five selected national polls should be let in. Alternatively, if more than 50% of the population when asked directly wants the candidate to participate, the CPD should listen to the American electorate and allow the candidate to debate.

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